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COMMONWEALTH BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, LLC is an independent business consultancy specializing in the areas of private funding, banking and corporate advisory, and all aspects of community, economic, and enterprise development.

We are professional independent consultants, not the end lenders. We deal with licensed and private sources of funds and capital to meet your needs.

In addition to the above, we also provide Corporate Documentation Services and professionally written Business Plans.

In times of economic downturn, financing existing companies, or new projects becomes harder; banks reject loans. Our forte is providing access to loans and funding when others say no.

Our expertise enables us to source funding from outside the normal bank channels, which companies would not normally have access to.

Working for clients, we find lenders, funds, loans, equity, joint venture partners, government agencies, private funding organizations, and other financial institutions or intermediaries, who can assist our clients finance their company or project.

Therefore, Commonwealth Business Development, LLC’s services are applied in various combinations to help package projects which optimize private profitability and public benefit. These same services provide a foundation for assisting clients in putting into place long-term strategies to meet their business and/or economic development objectives.

Economic development and job creation have been the focus of Commonwealth Business Development, LLC's work for the last twenty-five years. Working with government at all levels - local, state and national - as well as for profit companies and non-profit organizations, Commonwealth Business Development, LLC has provided technical assistance to promote the increased growth of investments and creation of new jobs in both urban and rural areas across the midwest and southeast regions of the United States.

Contact us, if you need financing, drafting of corporate documents (corporations, non-profits, LLCs), and/or Business Plans.

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